Parenting calls for sincere dedication, hard work, long hours of running about, less hours of sleep and rest, etc. Single parenting on the other hand calls for everything that parenting calls for, except multiplied by two! Being a single parent, be it a mother or father, can be quite nerve-wracking. It calls for taking crucial decisions single-handedly, without being able to rest the responsibility on another shoulder. Moreover, being the bread winner, juggling between work and home can be quite a handful! Then there are times when the child misses the absent parent, and the single parent is left struggling to fill that void in the child’s heart. All this can be extremely tiring; both physically and emotionally.

Tips for Single Parenting

  • Try to give as much time as possible to your child. This may sound easy, but difficult for a single mom or dad to practice. However, to make this a reality, you need to get help. Take the help of your parents, relatives, friends, etc., to manage your house, so that you’re left with time to spend with your child. Help your child with his/her homework, read stories, etc. Spending time nourishes your child’s emotional health.
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